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Giá bán: 425,000 vnđ

Giá khuyến mãi: 375,000 vnđ


Does your body skin is experiencing any of the following:

Kem dưỡng da mặt cao cấp Typolo Royal Jelly White Science Ex Cream Black skin was discolored, irregular bright white color.

 Skin began to show signs of aging.

 Rough skin and acne forming tiny bran.

 Skin pigmentation, age spots, freckles.

 Tanned skin easy and simple enlarged pores.

 Concerned facial make-up when not nursing.

So you want your body skin like?

 Dispels are traces, freckles, brown spots ...

 Skin care is a comprehensive, rapid damage recovery.

 Optimal skin protection against harmful agents from outside.

Phục hồi hư tổn cho da mặt luôn là mong muốn hàng đầu của các chị em

Recovering damaged facial skin is always desire of the sisters leading

You love your skin, you want what's best for their skin whitening creams select the premium Typolo Ex Royal Jelly Cream White Science to experience even offline!

White skin cream Typolo Royal Jelly White Senior Science Ex Cream

 White skin cream Typolo Royal Jelly senior White Cream Science Ex essences combined from jelly and pearl powder has the ability to reverse the production of melanin, prevent tanning, make disappear freckles, brown spots up to 90% of stubborn ... helps the skin to be revived.

 The product is integrated SPF 30 sunscreen to protect skin from the harmful agents from environmental pollution such as ultraviolet rays, dirt, bacteria ... pink and white skin always tanned back restrictions . Besides optimal Vitamin E content in royal jelly extract also helps balance skin moisture, keeping the skin dry and rough at the same time being an impact on the ability of natural brightening the skin.

 The product has the ability to remove dead skin cells, stimulates the production of new cells and erase reduce tiny wrinkles, deep wrinkles are also the obvious changes, bronzed skin became whiter, enhance skin elasticity, to tighten pores, preventing the formation and development of acne bran.

Sử dụng kem dưỡng da mặt Typolo Royal Jelly White Sience Ex Cream là giải pháp chăm sóc da an toàn và hiệu quả được nhiều chị em tin dùng

White skin cream Typolo Royal Jelly Cream White Ex Science skin care solution is safe and effective to be more trusted and sisters

The use of high-end face cream Typolo Royal Jelly Cream White Ex Science

White skin cream Typolo Royal Jelly senior White Ex Cream Science brings you so many wonderful uses the following:

 Pink white skin radiant and limit sun tan back.

 Routed the traces, freckled brown spots up to 90%.

 Prevent aging, wrinkles, smooth skin stretch.
 Moisture balance to the skin, rough skin from drying.
 Blocking ultraviolet rays, sunscreen with SPF 30.
 Tighten pores for smoother skin mixed.
 Preventing the formation and development of acne bran.
 Maybe just by doing skin cream makeup primer.

Why buy facial cream white senior White Typolo Royal Jelly Cream Science Ex ???

 The product is produced by Typolo franchise, direct import of raw materials from Japan and Europe ...

 Support for refund within 7 days if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of products.
 Free delivery to take place within 24 hours.
 Policy attentive customer care, support agents dedicated.
 Committed to providing genuine cream Typolo best prices in the market.

Typolo mang đến trải nghiệm hoàn toàn khác biệt cho làn da của phái đẹp

Typolo bring a completely different experience for women's skin


Manual and preserve facial cream white senior White Typolo Royal Jelly Cream Science Ex

 How to use: Wash your face, apply a layer of white cream Typolo Royal Jelly Facial Cream White Science Ex thin on your face, massage gently for about 3 minutes to penetrate deeply into the skin cream, cream for daytime use or before the sun, evening bedtime should wash your face thoroughly to the skin is resting, ventilation.

 Storage: A cool dry place, away from high temperatures, after use, should put the lid carefully to the preservation process is longer.

Note: When using white cream Typolo Royal Jelly Facial Cream White Ex if your skin is irritated or other reactions occur, they may have infected your skin Corticosteroids, Mercury or some heavy metal before dirty. In this case, you should stop using all types of cosmetics to the face during at least one month, depending on the severity cases, if worse can disconnect from 2 months to 6 months, so that the skin itself toxins dynamic and revitalized.

What to do when you have been infected skin Corticoic for mild cases: Cooked green tea leaves, add 1 small lemon and salt, dissolved, antiseptic and cleansing toxins one time before you can use cosmetic back. Should choose cosmetics are derived, can companies ensure safe and trusted everyone.







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