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Giá bán: 435,000 vnđ

Giá khuyến mãi: 395,000 vnđ


Does your body skin is experiencing any of the following:

Kem dưỡng trắng da toàn thân Typolo Royal Jelly Skin rough start, ugly and uneven color.

 Many skin on the body began intensive tan.

 Your body fell into premature aging.

So you want your body skin like?

 Body is a comprehensive care, soft and smooth.

 Recovering damaged skin, the dark skin burns brighter start.

 Light Body smooth, toned, youthful.


Light skincare smooth body is something that any girl you always desired

If that is your wish, the whole body skin whitening cream Royal Jelly Typolo will help you make it an easy way!

Body Whitening Cream Royal Jelly Typolo solutions comprehensive white skin

 Body Whitening Cream Royal Jelly Typolo with a combination of pearl powder and jelly focus repel dead skin cells, causing the bruise faded, clean the cuticle, aging on the skin surface and promote the regeneration of new skin, brighten skin tone, minimize dark skin, dark skin.

 Leather products provide abundant levels of vitamin E, helps skin is oily hiss, smooth, natural white light without fear thanks to integrated sun SPF 30. Special Royal Jelly result Typolo white nursing work Its very long even after the product has been discontinued, support your skin thoroughly after bathing the white, the effect on the overall skin texture smoother skin every day morning.

 The product is a cream rich in minerals, can accelerate the effect of shifting the skin surface, protecting the skin from UV radiation, firming collagen fibers in the deep layer of the skin, prevent aging chemical exposure by sunlight.

 Authorized products manufacturing and rigorous testing by IC International Cosmetic Company. Especially contains absolutely no steroids, mercury and other heavy metals to ensure no harm to human health and skin.

Body Whitening Cream Royal Jelly Typolo was greatly trusted girlfriend


Why buy the whole body skin whitening cream Typolo Royal Jelly ???

 Is manufactured under license of Typolo, direct import of raw materials from Japan and Europe...

 Support for refund within 7 days if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of products.

 Free delivery to take place within 24 hours.

 Policy attentive customer care, support agents dedicated.

 Committed to providing genuine cream Typolo best prices in the market.

Miss Vietnam in the US - Vy Tran chose Royal Jelly cream white Typolo Make skin care solution for its comprehensive

Manual and preserved body whitening cream Typolo Royal Jelly

 How to use: Clean the surface of the skin, apply a layer of white skin cream Royal Jelly Body Typolo combination skin gently massage for about 3 minutes to penetrate deeply into the skin cream body, use in the morning or evening before sleep.

 Storage: cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight, use immediately after removing the packaging.

 Note: Body Whitening Cream Royal Jelly Typolo suitable for all skin types and rates almost no irritation on the skin allergy.








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